6 Ways To Create Your Very Own Cozy, Outdoor Space

Winter may be coming, but the transition into Fall is just beginning. This is the time where we say our goodbyes to many of our favorite Summer activities. Fewer and fewer days are left to spend sun tanning on the back deck or cooling down with an ice-cold beer. The first leaves on the trees are just turning yellow and there is a slight chill to the air. However, do not despair, there is still time for you to enjoy the beautiful Fall weather from the comforts of your own porch. So break out your favorite sweater and warm up with a delicious pumpkin chai latte while I share with you some of the best ways to create your very own cozy, outdoor space for Fall.


1. Consider Your Environment

Environment is one of the most important things to think about when you are trying to create a cozy space on your deck. How you choose to create this space is going to be dependent on how you answer the following questions:

a. What kind of weather do you expect over the Fall season?
b. How exposed are your deck, patio, or balcony? Are there any sheltered areas?
c. When will you spend the most time on your deck each day?

Answering these questions will help you to establish exactly what weather and temperature conditions you can expect, and give you a starting point for how to combat the oncoming chill in the air. Knowing and understanding your space is also key to figuring out where you would like to place any outdoor furniture, appliances, or heating options.


2. Add Heating

When you think of being cozy, one of the foremost things that comes to mind is being warm and comfortable. Warmth and heat are essential to the very definition of cozy. Some of the best ways to add heat to your balcony or deck are:

a. Arrange your seating area around a primary heat source, such as a fire pit or fire bowl.
b. Place torches around the perimeter of your space.
c. Place outdoor portable heaters near your seating area
d. Store warm blankets in a basket near the patio door to bring outside with you.


3. Provide Comfortable Seating

Much like warmth, comfort is another primary characteristic of being cozy. Whether it is for you, your family, or your friends, seating is a great way for you to bring a little bit of luxury and relaxation to your outdoor space. Be creative with this. There are so many ways for you to generate comfort through patio chairs, pillows, benches, maybe even a nice swing or hammock.


4. Shed Some Light

Depending on when you enjoy your cozy outdoor space, adding some extra lighting is a great way to add interest, increase warmth, and boost mood. As the days become shorter and shorter, darker and darker, creating spaces that can be illuminated and showered with warm light are essential elements to the art of being cozy. Here’s how you can incorporate light into your outdoor space:

a. Add a fire pit, fire bowl, or portable heaters.
b. Use torches around the perimeter of your space.
c. Bring out your favorite lanterns and candles.
d. Hang string lights overhead and/or along a railing.


5. Add A Pop Of Interest

Here is where you get to be a little more creative and do some Fall decorating! While not essential to being cozy, bringing in some final touches can really put your Fall patio over the top! Most people tend to associate Fall with plenty of warm, earthy colors, such as reds, oranges, yellows, browns, pinks, dark purples, and greens. Other iconic Fall elements include pumpkins, acorns and pinecones, straw, burlap, leaves, and more. Combine these elements into gorgeous decorative centerpieces, colorful pillows and blankets, stunning wreaths, or even as part of your lighting with fun candle holders and lanterns. Choose to be as elaborate or as simple as you like here, the choice is yours!


6. Entertain

One, final method of adding to your cozy outdoor space is to include a space for an activity. While there are always times where we are content to just sit back and relax into a chair while outside, there are also times where we need a little extra stimulation to fully satisfy our need to be cozy. For some that is as simple as cuddling up on a bench with a blanket and book. Others may want to socialize as a group and make s’mores around the fire pit. So bring a book, bring your roasting sticks and marshmallows, and bring a hot cup of tea or coffee if you are looking for that perfect cozy, patio experience.


If you’re interested in how Dec-Tec can help make your deck cozy, give us a call at 1.866.461.3914 or visit us online at www.dec-tec.com/


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