As we enter into summer, we find ourselves out on our patios and decks more than ever, celebrating the warmth with barbecues and parties and time with family outside, which for some of us, include dogs. People often wonder how their furry friends are affected by vinyl decking. There are a tons of reasons why we recommend Dec-Tec to pet owners; below are the top three.


Dec-Tec eliminates harsh chemicals coming in contact with your dog’s paws that would otherwise be traditionally used in wood stains or treatments; there’s no need to worry about splinters, slivers, and nail or screw heads.


When applied to a second floor deck, Dec-Tec waterproofs the space below – providing a shelter from rain.


The lack of maintenance required for vinyl decks is one of the many features pet owners love: pet hair, mud and “accident” are things familiar to pet owners. Hours of cleaning can be totally avoided because a simple rinse with a hose does the job.

If you’d like to learn more about Dec-Tec for your family, visit us here: or call us at: 1.866.461.3914.

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