The design of your deck should be a reflection of who you are, and it should be influenced by your internal decor, so rather than telling you what colors are currently trending, we want to give you a few things to consider when designing your deck.

image001Classic Grey, Houston

1. What will you most often use your deck for?
If you want to lounge and socialize, the above is a great layout. If you like to eat dinners outside, it may not be the best design for you.


image003Brick, Wall Township

2. How will you add your own touch?
Adding weather durable decorative elements is a simple way to make the space feel like it’s your own piece of the outdoors.


image005Brick, Lake Hopatcong

3. What is your color palette?
The home owner above picked a cool-toned color scheme and accented with red, a warm-toned color. The result is a beautiful pop of color!


image007Weathered Oak, Wetaskiwin

4. Where will you store your outdoor fabrics in the winter?
Pillows and cushions are a simple way to decorate and accent your deck, but make sure you have somewhere to store them in the winter months before you purchase them.


image009Brick, Sandy

5. What greenery can you add to the scene?
Plants and trees are a great way to add life to your outdoor space. A pop of green makes all the difference in a patio design by adding color and shade.


image011CoolStepPlusCopper, Regina

6. What type of railing will you use?
Glass railing has a very modern feeling and it allows you to have a view, but it might show a mess easier than other options. Railings can offer some privatization, and  provide an opportunity to wrap lights around the vertical pieces, which can create a romantic feel. Again, it’s all about how you want to use the space.


image013Brick, Sandy

7. How will your furniture be laid out?
It might seem simple, but having pieces of furniture face each other is a good way to encourage conversation and helps people stay a while, but you might have a view you’d like the furniture to be pointed at. Consider how you will be spending the time outside, and that will help you make this decision.


image015Flagstone, Saskatchewan

8. What will be the height of your furniture?
High furniture is a powerful way to make a space feel social and these pieces encourage movement; they are perfect for parties. Lower furniture creates a cozier feel and will encourage people to stay put.


image017Brick, Sandy

9. How will you privatize the space?
Having separate, privatized space from your neighbors will allow you to feel more comfortable. Frosted glass was used on this project but, lattice work, canvas, and greenery are all stylish ways to make your space feel more private.


Granite, Airdrie

10. Where are your natural shadows?
Think about where your unavoidable shadows are (potentially from the house or a tree) and think about what time you will be on your deck most often, and whether you’d like to be in the sun or in the shade.


With all of those above factors in mind, you should be able to design the best deck for your lifestyle!

If you’d like to see more photos of Dec-Tec or would like to start a conversation, call us at: 1.866.461.3914, or visit us at www.dec-tec.com.



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