First rate quality is called for when installing Dec-Tec, and all vinyl deck products, for that matter. After all, small errors can have expensive repercussions, which is why we’ve made the job easy for all of our contractors. See below for the reasons why contractors choose Dec-Tec.

1. Dec-Tec lays down flat and straight
Because the product does not curl or roll back, it makes the installer’s job easier saving time on the tools

2. Smooth back membrane
Installers do not have to waste time burning fuzz off the back of Dec-Tec

3. Pre-made accessories
Details are achieved using pre-made accessories from the membrane itself saving time by avoiding onsite fabrication

4. Widest sheet on the market
Saves time and money on common multi-family decks by eliminating in field seams and product waste

5. Dec-Tec will never delaminate
Spread coat manufacturing means that Dec-Tec is one single sheet, rather than a laminated product

Dec-Tec vinyl surfaces are extremely easy to install, saving valuable tool time and getting installers to more job sites.

With 30 years proven deck industry experience, Dec-Tec grows businesses by offering some of the highest profit margins available in the decking market. Dec-Tec provides great return on investment, increase property value and is distributed all over North America.

Reap all the benefits and become a Dec-Tec Professional installer: call 1.866.461.3914 or visit us online at www.dec-tec.com.


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