Proven to be a long-term, reliable and low maintenance deck surface, vinyl decking is becoming more popular every day. But, there are several other deck options available on the market to choose from; let’s take a minute to consider the advantages and disadvantages of what’s out there. Making the comparison will help you decide which features are more important to you: is your deck all about aesthetics? do you need a waterproof decking solution? does the maintenance of your deck influence your decision? do you have storage or living space beneath your deck?

There are so many things to consider, so hopefully the below will help you make the right choice for your lifestyle.

Until recently, wood was one of the few options for decking available to everyone. People are often drawn to wood decks because of their appearance, but did you know that there are vinyl products out there that provide that same look and feel for less (see our ‘natural’ line)?

– Wood decks are what is familiar and they do look good when newly installed
– Some treated woods can withstand the changes of weather for a certain amount of time

– Requires expensive and time consuming maintenance: restaining, repainting
– Deteriorates when exposed to the elements, leaving it with a damaged look
– Exposure to moisture can cause wood to crack, split, shrink, rot, and warp
– Not waterproof and not suitable for decks over living spaces
– Cost is higher than other solutions over time due to maintenance

A relatively new product (introduced around 2005), long term performance of composite wood decks are still in question. There has been some question around the product’s structural ability.

– Composite wood almost provides the look of real wood
– Some types can be light-weight

– Much more expensive than vinyl
– Dimensionally unstable – boards warp
– Not waterproof and not suitable for decks over living spaces
– Long term performance is still relatively unknown
– Can be slippery when wet or with ice and snow
– Not resistant to mold or mildew

With innovative technology, Dec-Tec is striving to raise not only industry standards, but also customer expectations.

– Will never need to be re-stained, painted or resealed
– Waterproofing protects the space below, whether it’s living space or storage
– Has an upfront cost but maintenance costs are virtually none in the long run
– Prevents the deck from warping/shrinking and failing
– Has the durability to maintain its appearance, even in the toughest conditions
– Is a completely waterproof system – your deck will not crack, split, shrink, rot or warp
– Has proven, long term performance for over 30 years
– Has product lines to keep your deck cool to touch, even at high temperatures
– Is easily installed within a short amount of time
– Can be walked on as soon as it is laid down
– Comes with generous warranties
– Unbeaten slip-resistance
– High definition prints

– A trained contractor has install any vinyl decking product

If you’re interested in learning more about vinyl decking, give our customer support line a call at 1.866.461.3914 or visit our website:


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